Guess what’s happen in Lagos, tomorrow ……
I’m so excited the first ever art exhibition show in Lagos, Art lovers, this could be your last chance to attend, But you got to register

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ART X Lagos is open to all art lovers, art enthusiasts, collectors and more. To register to attend, please click here


  • A selection of works by iconic Nigerian photographer J. D. Okhai Ojeikere will be shown at ART X Lagos as part of a tribute exhibition curated by Bisi Silva.
  • ART X Lagos debuts a rich and vibrant talks programme with over 30 local and international speakers. Sign up to receive the schedule and updates.
  • Musicians Simi, Poe, Vector, Falana and producer Ikon will be joined on the ART X stage by visual artists Yadichinma, Olatunde Alara, Stacey Okparavero and Dricky Stickman as part of Intersections – a live audio visual performance taking place on the last day of the fair. Follow us on Instagram @artxlagos for more details.

More Highlights from the Art Fair


Oladele Kuku


Owusu Ankomah


Latifah Idriss


J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere


Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze


Victor Ehikhamenor



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Ahmed Gambo Saleh, the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court, alongside Rilwanu Lawal and Muhammed Abdularhman Sharif, who are staffs in the Supreme Court of Nigeria have been charged on a nine-count criminal charge by the Federal Government,
The charges will filed at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory {FCT}, Abuja on Thursday, 3rd November, 2016.
The Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court, Ahmed Gambo Saleh ironically, is one of the contestants for the post of Secretary of the national Judicial Council [NJC], is said to be involved in cases from between 2009 to 2016 diverting the sum of N2.2billion (Two Billion, Two Hundred Million Naira).
I don’t know what this people in power, take us for, are you kidding me?  N2.2 billion, is he saving for his seventh generation? and he is still planning on becoming the Secretary of NJC. TAAA look at his head…..
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Jungle Justice: For how long….

Naija youths are just ready to set you on fire an hearing tales of you stealing, huh  people really JUNGLE JUSTICE!!! is that the best you can come up with. Although I concur to the fact that the youth these days lack confidence and faith in the Nigerian Police Force.

Nevertheless, is taking decisions into our hands the next option. Am sure you must be wandering why the sudden interest?

Well don’t you think it’s high time, recently in Imo state, two young men were mobbed by angry Nigerian youths, with claims that they stole a motorcycle, even the police couldn’t stop them, however thanks to the intervention of Hon. Chike Orjiako, a local government chairman in Imo state if not the two men would have been burnt to ash, and just a tip of what the angry Nigerian youths can do, or have your forgotten the tales of a teenager whose lynched in Calabar, alleged of stealing a mobile phone, or the cases of  the thieves mobbed by priest and worshippers. Huh Na wa oooo.

I decided not to upload graphic pictures, because they could seem inappropriate to some. Nevertheless nothing stops me from hearing my opinion what’s your take on this, share this post create awareness.


JUNGLE JUSTICE must go or not? Drop your comments below.




How sad? A woman and her kids not to forget of her neighbor died of food poisoning.


Some of the bodies

well we gathered that the incident occurred shortly after the woman brought cassava flour popularly known as “White Amala” from her farm in Ohuepin illage. Later that day she prepared dinner for her family and gave some to her neighbor.

Shortly after complaining of stomach pain the woman passed away, alongside two of her wards, the neighbors who later died in Okene General Hospital on Tuesday, became suspicious rushed to the GH, where they passed.

The death of the three victims was confirmed on Tuesday by a senior nursing officer at the Okene General Hospital. it is believed that the cassava flour was poisioned.

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Climate Change has been a major focus in the world at large, strategic areas like the depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation, excessive usuage of water.

Definitely we have been enlightened on issues like this,  ut the main question concerning what’s, why, and how; questions like “what is the effect of climate change on the society?” “Why such problems are made public” and “how do we help save our planet?”


Firstly, what do we understand by CLIMATE CHANGE? Climate change can be defined as the permanent change in the Earth’s weather conditions. Let’s take a second an imagine an Earth without an ozone layer, with the heat from the sun rays burning the plants of its nutrients, drying the earth’s nutrient, such could lead to drought, land barrenness, and adverse weather conditions.

Imagine an Earth without trees and and, plants, knowing full well that oxygen is derived from plants or an Earth where we have little access to water, devastating right!


Climate change is enlightened to the public hearing, because, we have a choice, we have a chance, and we have a role to play. We can decide if our planet lives or dies, we can help save our planet, we can help revive the Earth’s lost nutrients.

The only question is…..


The planet is a living thing; it strives for its survival the Earth is evolving but the question asked is what is the earth feeding on? Is the earth suffering from malnutrition?

Industrial wastes remains a danger to the Earth’s core, burning of bushes, removal of trees, spillage of chemical substances all these are killing our habitat.

We can stop this……
– plant a tree today #GoGreen


-Recycling; re-use, refuse, recycle




Man mobbed over suspicion of manhood theft


The reports reveal that that man who had been suspected of stealing another’s manhood, had received the beating of his life at Madalla market, Abuja.

The suspect had only been spared by the timely intervention of members of the vigilante group in the market.

A witness who had been at the scene at the time of the incident, Shehu Yakubu, revealed that the incident had taken place at about 2:14p.m., adding that the suspect had reportedly confessed before returning the stolen manhood.

Yakubu adds that the suspect, who is reportedly from Suleja, had come down from an unmarked vehicle before pretending to buy fairly used clothes, in the process of which he brushed a passer-by, revealed to be the victim.

“The man pretended as if he had fallen down and in the process brushed the victim with his shoulder. The young man raised an alarm about the disappearance of his manhood few minutes later.”

Yakubu went on to reveal that people had immediately responded, chasing down the suspect and stopping him from leaving the market.

The reports reveal that the suspect had initially denied stealing the manhood causing the already gathered mob attack him until the members of the vigilante group had intervened

After efforts to reach the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Madalla division had failed, a police officer had later revealed that the suspect would be charged to court soon enough, adding that the victim’s manhood had been intact upon their arrival at the police station.